Practical Guide to Solving Brake Noise Issues in Your E-Bike


Written by Max Black, Customer Service Team at FUCARE


Have you been experiencing unusual noise from your e-bike's brakes? It's a common issue that many riders face, but the good news is that it's often resolvable with some simple adjustments or part replacements. In this article, we'll explore the two main causes of brake noise on e-bikes and how to effectively address them.


1. The Need for Brake Adjustment:


  • New or Low Mileage E-Bikes: If your e-bike is new or hasn’t been used extensively, the brakes might just need some adjustment. It’s not uncommon for new brakes to settle and shift slightly during their initial period of use. This minor adjustment can often eliminate any unusual noises.


2. Time for Brake Pad or Disc Replacement:


  • Regular Maintenance: Keeping up with regular maintenance, including part replacements, is crucial for optimal brake performance. For instance, brake pads typically need replacement every 800 to 1000 miles, and brake discs should be replaced every 1500 to 2000 miles.
  • Mileage Check: If your e-bike has hit these mileage markers, it might be time to replace these key components to maintain smooth braking and prevent noise issues.


Adjusting Mechanical and Hydraulic Disc Brakes:


  • The process for adjusting both mechanical and hydraulic disc brakes is quite similar. To assist you in this endeavor, FUCARE has created a comprehensive video tutorial that guides you through the adjustment process. This tutorial is a valuable resource, providing step-by-step instructions for ensuring that your brakes are correctly adjusted and functioning smoothly. You can view the tutorial here: Brake Adjustment Video Tutorial.


Seek Professional Help if Needed:


  • If you're not comfortable performing these adjustments yourself, or if the noise persists even after following the steps in the tutorial, we recommend visiting a professional bike mechanic. They can offer a more in-depth inspection and address any complex issues that might be causing the noise.


At FUCARE, your safety and satisfaction with our products are our highest priorities. We understand how important a smooth and noise-free ride is to your e-bike experience. If you have any further questions or need additional support, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.


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