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Addressing Lost or Missing Package Concerns

Q: What should I do if my package is lost or hasn't arrived?


A: We understand the concern and inconvenience caused by a lost or missing package. Here's how to proceed in such a situation:


  1. Verify Shipping Details: Ensure that the shipping address provided was correct. Sometimes, packages go missing due to incorrect or incomplete addresses.
  2. Check the Tracking Information: Review the tracking information provided in your shipping confirmation email. It may offer insights into the location of your package or explain any delays.
  3. Look Around the Delivery Location: Sometimes, carriers leave packages in safe, but not immediately obvious, places. Check your porch, garage, and with neighbors to see if the package was left there.
  4. Contact the Carrier: Reach out to the shipping carrier with your tracking number. They can often provide more detailed information about the package's whereabouts.
  5. Contact Customer Service: If the carrier is unable to resolve the issue, contact our customer service team with your order number and tracking details. We will assist in investigating and resolving the issue.


Q: How long should I wait before reporting a missing package?


A: We recommend waiting at least [insert time frame based on shipping policy, e.g., 48 hours] after the estimated delivery date before reporting a missing package. Shipping carriers sometimes mark packages as delivered before they actually arrive.


Q: Will I receive a refund or replacement for a lost package?


A: If your package is confirmed lost, we will offer a solution which may include a refund or a replacement, depending on your preference and our current stock availability.


Q: Can I take any steps to prevent package loss in the future?


A: To minimize the risk of future package loss, consider:


  • Choosing a secure delivery address, such as your workplace or a trusted neighbor's house, if you're often not home.
  • Opting for shipping insurance or signature confirmation for high-value items.
  • Using delivery tracking and notifications services offered by carriers.


We are committed to ensuring the safe delivery of your order and understand the frustration that comes with lost or missing packages. Please follow the above steps if you encounter such an issue, and don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Leave us a message and we will ge! back to you ASAP!

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