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What to Do if Your Package Shows Delivered But You Haven't Received It?

Q: The tracking says my package was delivered, but I can't find it. What should I do?


A: Realizing that a package marked as 'delivered' hasn't arrived can be concerning. Here are the steps you should take if you find yourself in this situation:


  1. Verify the Delivery Information: First, double-check the delivery details on your tracking information. Ensure that the address provided was correct. Sometimes, a simple error in the address can cause delivery issues.
  2. Inspect Your Premises: Occasionally, carriers leave packages in hidden spots for safety. Check around your doorstep, back porch, or with neighbors who might have accepted the package on your behalf.
  3. Wait 24 Hours: In some cases, carriers mark a package as delivered before it actually arrives. It's possible the package may arrive within the next 24 hours.
  4. Contact Us Promptly: If you've done the above steps and still haven't located your package, reach out to us. Please have your order number and tracking information handy to help us assist you efficiently.
  5. Investigation and Resolution: Once you contact us, we'll start an investigation with the carrier. We'll work to track down your package and, if necessary, arrange for a replacement or refund.
  6. Keep Communication Open: We will keep you informed throughout the process. Our goal is to resolve the situation to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.


We understand how important it is to receive your orders on time and the frustration that comes with missing deliveries. Rest assured, our team is dedicated to resolving any delivery issues promptly and efficiently.


For any further assistance or inquiries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team. Your satisfaction and trust in our service are of utmost importance to us.

Leave us a message and we will ge! back to you ASAP!

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